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Member-to-Member Discounts (M2M)

The Member-to-Member Discount Program is the place you can get discounts on products and services from top-tier companies unique to CEOC members. The program gives you and your employees access to significant discounts only available through CEOC, including discounted fares with Delta Private Jets, and special rebates from MasterCard by WEX. Other opportunities include special pricing on Executive Coaching from East Tenth Group and Outplacement Services and Career Transitioning Coaching from GetFive.

View the M2M List on the Member Website

How It Works ➤

Any company can apply to participate in the Member-to-Member Discount Program. CEOC members are automatically accepted (and the participation fee is waived for Corporate Level members).

  • You offer a special discount, promotion, and/or service only available to CEOC Members.
  • CEOC actively promotes your offer to the 17,000 CEO Connection community members, their companies and their employees as part of our member benefits program.
  • You create a revenue share with CEOC based on your sales through this program.

Vendor Requirements ➤

To be considered as a vendor in our program, you must:

  • Be best-in-class in your industry.
  • Have a real commitment to the mid-market.
  • Agree to provide exceptional service to CEOC members.

Have any questions about the program? Or would like to be a Vendor? Contact us.