Performance and Cultural Alignment

Benefit for CEO Connection Members

Alignment issues in performance management, leadership behaviors, and conflicting value systems conspire against profitability. Integrating the values of your business and aligning leadership behavior produces tangible and quantifiable results.

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The Performance and Cultural Alignment Assessment powered by Carpedia will provide you with:

  • A proven methodology to align your organization.
  • Sustainable performance improvement in a reasonable time period.
  • Identify areas where your team is not aligned to your vision and provide you with a plan you can implement to achieve significant ROI.

The result of this assessment will be a plan that will detail organizational misalignments, and identify measurable improvements that you can implement to improve efficiency and profit margins.


Jacques Gauthier, Director

A genuine people person, Jacques serves as a Director for Carpedia. He excels in helping teams reach their greatest potential and guiding companies to surpass their financial expectations. After a brief departure from the firm, Jacques has ‘returned home’ in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since.


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