CEO Connection Performance and Cultural Alignment Assessment

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Alignment issues in performance management, leadership behaviors, and conflicting value systems conspire against profitability. Integrating the values of your business and aligning leadership behavior produces tangible and quantifiable results.

The Performance and Cultural Alignment Assessment powered by Ignition Institute will:

  • Identify areas where the team is not aligned to the vision with a proven methodology to align the organization.
  • Enhance insight into the level of execution strength and the extent to which the organization is reinforcing the conditions for a performance culture.
  • Provide a plan that will achieve sustainable performance improvement with significant ROI.

The result of this assessment will be a plan that will detail organizational misalignments, and identify measurable improvements that you can implement to improve efficiency and profit margins.

Kathryn Ritchie - CEO Ignition Institute

Dr. Kathryn M. Ritchie, Founder & CEO

The Ignition Institute Facultii is comprised of the highest consulting and corporate executive-level professionals. Founder and CEO of Ignition Institute, Kathryn is a master strategist, executive and C-suit consultant, facilitator, leader, change-agent, and entrepreneur. Her passion for business and people ignite her ability to enable optimal performance while empowering leaders to shape and create environments where people thrive and grow. This passion has helped transform start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including AID, CBA, Macquarie, ASIO, and Australian Federal Government.

Performance and Cultural Alignment Assessment