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An Innovative Approach to Retaining Talent

Earlier this year, CEO Connection made an exciting announcement regarding an advisory service for health care developed exclusively for our members. Powered by PinnacleCare, employees can now confidently navigate the complexity of the healthcare system and obtain the...

Top Four Reasons to Attend a CEOC Boot Camp

Being a CEO can be incredibly lonely — but it does not have to be. More than a decade ago, CEO Connection launched the exclusive CEO Boot Camp to spark relationships through meaningful discussions with those facing similar challenges. If you are a CEO of a company...

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Board Search

Serving on a board can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a career. As a board member you get an inside look into how another company operates. You also have the opportunity to experience other viewpoints from talented individuals, and to discover ideas you...

A Night Of Mid-Market Stars

Another successful convention ended with another great awards dinner where we celebrated the best of the Mid-Market. As master of ceremonies, Today Show and NBC News contributor, Dr. Madeyln Fernstrom, helped us honor the 2018 Mid-Market Award recipients.

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