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Member Highlight: Sharon Watkins

Sharon Watkins, CEO, RadiusPoint

Sharon Watkins, CEO of RadiusPoint

Sharon Watkins is the CEO of RadiusPoint a 27- year-old telecom and utility expense management firm. Sharon founded the company in 1992 and manages the sales and marketing aspects of the company. She has been instrumental in working with the software development team to create ExpenseLogic, the telecom and utility expense management software that has less than ten competitors worldwide.

From Sharon’s experience with clients, the software developed into the tool that can satisfy the needs of any organization that has multiple sites and numerous employees to manage. Sharon has successfully signed and retained Clients ranging from Fortune 50 to small local County governments.

RadiusPoint and the employees stand apart from competitors by achieving ISO 9001 standards in September of 2002. RadiusPoint is SSAE 18 (formerly SAS 70) certified and continues this certification with an annual audit. RadiusPoint also was awarded a GSA contract vehicle in 2018 for Schedule 70 IT services.

RadiusPoint, formerly TSG Enterprises, LLC, won the prestigious Top 50 Minority/Women Owned Businesses in Tennessee and was named a Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies by Fast Company Magazine. Sharon received the 2006 Enterprising Women of the Year award, and RadiusPoint was named one of Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies in 2015. The Orlando Business Journal named Sharon Business Owner of the Year in 2015 and CEO of the Year in 2019. Sharon has been a Premium Member of CEO Connection since September 2018.


CEOC: What recent success are you most proud of? 

SW: There are a few recent successful milestones that I have accomplished at RadiusPoint. First, we celebrated 27 years in business in January of this year. That’s phenomenal for our industry. Second, we were awarded the GSA Schedule 70 IT Contract vehicle which is a government contract award that is very hard to achieve. We actually achieved this in record time—5 months. The GSA told us that it would take over a year to get this award if we were awarded. Third, we just rolled out our eighth generation of ExpenseLogic, our proprietary software which continues to aid in client retention.

CEOC: What action did you take early in your career that you feel most helped you obtain your CEO position you hold today? 

SW: Vision in 1996 to create a software that did not exist for an industry that was just starting to emerge, Telecom and Utility Expense Management.

COEC: How do you start each day? 

SW: Exercise, I like to go to the gym for a few minutes of peace and quiet on the elliptical machine. I love to clear my mind so that I can better focus on any tasks that emerge throughout the day.

CEOC: What do you foresee will be the biggest challenge to CEOs of mid-market companies in the next five years? 

SW: Keeping up with the constant changes in technology and retaining exceptional talent.

CEOC: How do you keep your company in front of trends, customer needs, and your competitors? SW: Research, research, research. You have to be able to cut through the mountains of information to identify what is truly going to retain your clients and keep them satisfied.

This article was previously published in the CEOC Magazine. You can read the magazine here.

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Olu Beck

Olu Beck

Olu is the CEO of Wholesome Sweeteners Inc., the #1 Natural & Organic, Fair Trade sweetener brand in North America. Olu is a Board Member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters Northern New Jersey and on the Advisory Board of Morristown Medical Center.

Adam Warby

Adam Warby

Adam Warby joined Avanade at its inception in 2000, and currently serves as their Chief Executive Officer. Adam led Avanade’s worldwide sales and marketing teams, and set the vision and direction for Avanade solutions. Adam is currently chairperson of CEO Connection’s European Expansion Committee.

As one of the founding members of Avanade, Adam was instrumental in building the company and shaping its culture. A senior leader, Adam has significant experience managing and growing Avanade’s business operations, having served as General Manager and Senior Vice President for the company’s North American and European operations during his tenure.

Adam on LinkedIn

Jostein Solheim

Jostein Solheim

Jostein Solheim has served as CEO and Vice-President of Global Brand Development at Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. since 2010. Jostein is a devoted advocate for diversity, environmental conservation and social justice issues, and is currently chairperson of the CEO Connection Social Impact Committee.

In his current role, Jostein is particularly involved in Ben & Jerry’s social mission, which focuses on changing ways to improve the quality of life on a local, national and global level.

Founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s grew from a single ice cream parlor in a renovated gas station, into one of the most recognized and socially responsible ice cream brands on the planet. The company is now a wholly owned autonomous subsidiary of Unilever but, in keeping with its history, its acquisition came with strings attached that required the company maintain its philanthropic ways.

Solheim manages a team of 100 at the corporate offices in South Burlington, Vermont along with his international teams based in London and Singapore. Ben & Jerry’s also employ around 380 people at their two manufacturing sites in Vermont. Ben & Jerry’s now operate in more than 35 countries around the world. Jostein is also on the Ben & Jerry’s Board of Directors.

Jostein on LinkedIn

Paul Decker

Paul Decker

Paul Decker has led Mathematica Policy Research since 2007 and is currently their President and Chief Executive Officer. A nationally recognized education and labor researcher, Paul serves as chairperson of the CEO Connection Government Relations Committee.

Decker is a leading figure in policy research who writes and speaks on trends in the field, including the emergence of Big Data and its impact on public program evaluation and management. During his time at Mathematica, Paul has expanded and diversified the company’s operations and strengthened its commitment to improving public well-being by developing rigorous, objective research to help policymakers make informed decisions.

Decker joined Mathematica in 1988 and has devoted his career to the company. Since he assumed the role of president and CEO, Mathematica has grown to include seven locations nationwide and more than 1,200 employees.

Paul on LinkedIn