Ensure Mid-Market Companies get a “Seat at the Table”

A Letter to the CEOC Community:

Mid-Market companies must be represented on the COVID-19 “Opening the Country Councils.” They need a seat at the table.

As a Mid-Market CEO, you know that Mid-Market companies are essential to global economic success. Combined, they create over $10 trillion dollars in gross receipts and 30 million jobs.

You also know that the programs in the COVID-19 stimulus packages focus on large companies and small businesses, but do not address YOUR company needs. Currently, local, state, and federal governments are creating task forces to help plan the relaunch of the economy.

The Mid-Market must be represented! You need a seat at the table.

We are facing a once-in-a-generation event that impacts everyone. This is the time for people, companies, and organizations to come together for the greater good.

Please take a moment to help ensure that Mid-Market companies have a seat at the table by doing the following:

  • Sign the Mid-Market “Seat At The Table” Petition, by clicking here.
  • Have all of your employees, friends, and family sign the petition too.
  • Forward this email to your elected officials (local, state, and federal).

Finally, if you would like to join the CEOC Mid-Market Taskforce click here.

We will get through this together.

Speak to you soon,

Kenneth Beck
Chief Executive Officer  |  CEO Connection
Chairman  |  Wharton Club of New York
T 646.416.6991  |  F 646.292.5129

Ventilator Solution

We are facing a once in a generation event that impacts everyone.  This is the time for people, companies, and organizations to come together for the greater good. Here is an update on what CEO Connection and one of our members, AES Controls based out of Cincinnati, have been doing over the past few days:

AES Control is providing a unique solution to help during this pandemic that will help save lives. The talented engineers at AES have designed, developed, and are now building invasive or non-invasive Stage 1 ventilators for immediate hospital use. AES has done this by a creating a controller to adapt readily available CPAP machines that can be: 

  • Attached to either a non-invasive ventilation mask or an endotracheal tube; 
  • Will regulate breathing modulation and; 
  • Has an anti-aerosolization containment / filtration measures for expired breath; 
  • Can convert used or new units.

While AES is creating, CEO Connection is connecting.  Our strategic partner, Ballard Spahr, filed a patent for AES.  Through our community we are in touch with the White House, the National Governors Association, Johnson and Johnson, Dr Oz, numerous hospitals, and we have members who want to provide materials, labor, expertise, and logistical support.

As a result, the first manufactured conversions will be shipped to the current epicenter of the pandemic, New York City next week. Then AES will start partnering with idle CEO Connection member manufacturers to scale up production to 10,000 a week, depending on parts availability. This is the power of partnership, relationships, and connections through CEO Connection. 

As CEO of CEO Connection, we are so proud to be working alongside our members to provide extraordinary solutions for these extraordinary times. You do great things on your own…we can do greater things together! And together, we can save lives! 

Please share this information with hospitals, medical centers and anyone on the front lines who might need ventilators.  They can contact AES@ceoconnection.com

Fund Proposal for COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 has created a health and economic environment unlike anything we have ever experienced. 
As the leadership of the mid-market, we are uniquely positioned with the knowledge and resources to ensure that our communities have jobs and a stable economy after this crisis is over. We need to join together to manage the challenges ahead.

What can we do?

As such, I am proposing that we set up a fund to help small and mid-market companies and their people get though COVID-19. I am envisioning a combination of the war bonds effort from World War II and the Farm Aid movement of the mid-80s to provide equity, debt, and/or convertible funding to small and mid-sized businesses.
We have had many discussions with business, academic, and government leaders.  CEO Connection member Scott Jackson, CEO of Global Impact, can set up the infrastructure for this project in a matter of days. Now it is time to act.
You do great things on your own … We can do even greater things together!

Can you help?

Join the Task Force

Share with your network

Share this announcment on your social media pages to spread the word about this proposal.

Announcement: CEOC M&A Connection Network

Announcement: CEOC M&A Connection Network

Each step of the M&A process (planning, sourcing, assessing, and structuring to post acquisition operational and cultural integration) is complicated and requires expertise and resources that are not necessarily readily available. CEOC is in a unique position to connect its members to a vetted deal flow and pre-approved unique resources that they can not get on their own. 

One of the top actionable ideas that came out of the 2019 Mid-Market Convention was for CEOC to provide a matchmaking service for companies looking to expand through partnerships and acquisitions.

As a result, CEOC is proud to announce the creation of the:


CEOC M&A Connection Network

CEO Connection is in a unique position to connect our members on both sides of the M&A equation. With a hand selected group of resources focused on creating the best transaction, CEOC is here for each step in the process.

Buying or selling a company? Use our network of world-class, fully vetted resources to create the perfect deal. We have developed a complete full-cycle acquisition process for those looking to acquire a company – from initial deal evaluation, to funding the deal, through operational and cultural integration:

  • Curated Connecting
  • Assessing
  • Structuring
  • Funding
  • Integrating

Getting started is easy. Simply schedule a call today – buyorsell@ceoconnection.com or 800.244.4719 and we can discuss your action plan and how the M&A Connection Network can assist you. 

Top Four Reasons to Attend a CEOC Boot Camp

Top Four Reasons to Attend a CEOC Boot Camp

Being a CEO can be incredibly lonely — but it does not have to be. More than a decade ago, CEO Connection launched the exclusive CEO Boot Camp to spark relationships through meaningful discussions with those facing similar challenges.

If you are a CEO of a company with between $100 million and $3 billion in annual revenue, then here is why CEO Boot Camps offer you unique and invaluable experiences.

4 Reasons to Attend a CEO Boot Camp

  1. Kept small for big results

With a maximum of 12 CEOs in a room, CEO Boot Camps offer in-depth discussions with your fellow CEOs. In this intimate setting, you can comfortably share your experiences, concerns, and exchange advice. The relationships made at a CEO Boot Camp are lasting.

2. A break from the boring

This is not a selling event. Nor will you will be held hostage by tedious lecturers. CEO Boot Camps are interactive and consist of real conversations. You will also have the opportunity to join round-table discussions led by functional experts.

3. Off the record

What is said at a CEO Boot Camp, stays at a CEO Boot Camp. We ensure no
competitors are in the room. Further, all attendees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to keep the conversations candid and authentic.

4. Walk away with next steps

By the time you leave a CEO Boot Camp, you will be armed with new ideas and
actionable items. The results are tangible. This is an event centered around CEOs,
helping CEOs to scale.

In conclusion

CEO Boot Camps are invitation-only meetings reserved exclusively for CEOs of companies with between $100 million and $3 billion in revenue. Only 48 CEOs from around the world get to attend a boot camp in the U.S. each year, so seats fill up fast and far in advance. As such, it is best to book your seat now for 2019.

For a sample agenda click here.

To see if you qualify and for more information, please email: bootcamp@ceoconnection.com  

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Board Search

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Board Search

Serving on a board can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a career. As a board member you get an inside look into how another company operates. You also have the opportunity to experience other viewpoints from talented individuals, and to discover ideas you can take back to your business.

Given the benefits, it should come as no surprise that many well-qualified leaders seek a board position. So how do you differentiate yourself? Below we’ll take a look at 5 ways to strengthen your board search, and how to best position yourself for success.  

1. Start with a startup or private board as your first step. Experience is a key component for joining a board, especially for public companies. Get that experience by finding a small company, startup, or community organization and learn how you can participate. Do not hide the fact you are seeking to gain experience and be honest about your timeline.

2. Personal branding is essential. Identify your values and skill set to find the company that best compliments your background. What are you known for and how would that benefit a particular board? Are you a marketing expert? Financial genius? Technology wiz? A board is a team effort, so determine where you can make the most contributions. After you discover what makes you valuable, then seek out new ways to grow those skills within your current organization.

3. Use your network. Personal connections are crucial to finding the right board seat for you. Make it known that you are interested in a public or private board seat. Make a list of the top relationships you have with high-ranking executives, and reach out to them for introductions to their CEOs or board members. Also, take advantage of events such as the CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention to foster valuable contacts.

4. Stay top-of-mind with recruiters. Make sure to maintain relationships with search firms. Although directly asking search organizations outright about specific boardroom opportunities is discouraged, recruiters will come to you when they are aware of your interest and your background is a good match for a particular board seat.

5. Use a professional organization. Many professional organizations, such as CEO Connection offer board director networking services. Consider participating in a CEO Connection “How to get on a Board Workshop” which is designed to provide tactical information and a plan on how to actively define, pursue, and get on your next board and how to add value once you are there.

“Finding a board seat is not the same as looking for your next job post,” explains Board Connection Director, Kate Donnelly. “You need a personal action plan to define, pursue and acquire your board seat, as well as to ensure you add value once you’re there.”

About the CEOC Board Connection Program

The Board Connection Program is for members interested in serving on corporate boards, corporate advisory boards, or not-for-profit boards. This exclusive program helps our CEOs most effectively position themselves as desirable board candidates and provides exclusive resources to search for a board seat.

Participating CEOs have access to one-on-one support, intensive hands-on workshops, and mid-market community exposure.

For more information regarding our Board Connection Program, contact boardconnection@ceoconnection.com or click here.