CEO Growth Acceleration Program


As an Executive Member of CEOC you receive access to our community and infrastructure through the turnkey CEO Growth Acceleration Program (CEOC GAP) designed to connect you to people, information, resources, and opportunities that will enhance your career, save you time, and make you money. There are four customizable components to this program, all critical to the success of any CEO:

Career Enhancement  •  Personal Growth  •  Corporate Expansion  •  Network Building

GAP Process

The CEOC GAP process is based on decades of connecting CEOs. It is designed to be the equivalent of your annual physical but for your career.

Each year you go through the CEOC Annual Diagnostic. Based on the diagnostic results, we co-create a plan and set goals for the year. We then implement the plan and assess results. If you achieved your goal, you renew the membership and go through the process again. If we do not achieve your goal we extend your membership until we do… because we guarantee the results.


As a result of our combining the resources of the Mid-Market you have access to an array of resources only available through CEO Connection.


It is no longer about who you know. It is now about who we know and who our members know which we then put to work to help you.

GAP Team

Each Executive Member is assigned a CEO Connection team to implement your plan on your behalf and ensure a tangible return on your investment because you do not have time to do it on your own. The team consists of:

Member Advocate

Acts like your primary care physician to refer experts and manage growth plan

CEOC Ambassador

CEOC member (Former or current CEO) serves as peer guide, advisor, and/or mentor

Executive Coach

Three hours of free coaching each year to provide an objective, direct overview

CEOC Functional Experts (As Needed)

Including but not limited to: Personal Branding, M&A, Personal Wealth, Board Connection, Leadership, Strategy

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