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CEO Connection connects mid-market CEOs with the people, information, resources, and opportunities they need to scale.

It’s Lonely at the Top...

Now you can be alone together! CEO Connection is about the relationships. Members are CEOs of mid-market companies that have revenue between $100m and $3b with whom you can test ideas, share concerns and ask advice. It’s CEOs helping CEOs.


Your Personal CEO Connector (PCC) works with you to connect you with the people you should  meet, the resources you need, and the solutions to the unique issues you face.

No Selling

Strategic partners provide CEO Connection members with extensive thought leadership, collective knowledge and best in class expertise, while creating unique relationship opportunities.

Mid-Market Convention

Specifically designed by and for mid-market CEOS, the Mid-Market Convention brings together the leadership of the mid-market subject matter experts, prominent academics, and senior government officials to help each other and change the world.

What is CEO Connection?

CEO Connection is the only membership organization in the world reserved exclusively for CEOs of Mid-Market companies with between $100 million and $3 billion in revenue.

Designed to provide you with proactive, curated, customized connections that enhance your career, save you time, and make you money, CEOC connects you with the people you should meet, the resources you need, and solutions to the unique challenges you face!

CEO Connection is all about Mid-Market CEOs helping each other and changing the world! It is this enlightened self-interest that is the ultimate power of the CEO Connection Community.

With more than 17,000 mid-market CEOs in our community, CEOC functions as a proactive peer network where the connections are made for you and we guarantee your results.

There is no selling allowed.

As a member of CEO Connection, you receive customized and personalized elite support with curated access to:

  • People: CEOC makes sure you make the right connections based on your background, needs, and interests.
  • Information: Benchmark against the Mid-Market 500, find the top private equity firms for the mid-market, or utilize the combined knowledge of other mid-market CEOs, prominent thought leaders, leading functional experts and senior government officials.
  • Resources: Leverage the collective power of the Mid-Market and gain access to exclusive resources including: Mid-Market Equity and Opportunity programs, the CEO Personal Branding Audit, the Mid-Market Employee Referral Program and the M&A Readiness Assessment.
  • Opportunities: Find a board seat with our Board Connection Network, change the world through our Equity and Opportunity Committee, and grow your top and bottom lines with our Member-to-Member Discount program.

CEO Talk That Leads To Action

No long lectures. No boring PPTs. No pushy salespeople. A full agenda of dynamic, interactive discussions between mid-market CEOs like you and industry thought leaders about issues critical to your personal and professional success.

The Power of the Mid-Market

CEO Connection is able to give you exclusive access to people, information, resources, and opportunities usually only available to Fortune 500 companies.

CEO Connection Boot Camp for Mid-market CEOs

Small, Private Meetings for CEOs
Through candid, roundtable discussions led by functional experts, participants tackle leadership issues and develop lasting peer connections.

Board Connection Service
This exclusive program helps our CEOs most effectively position themselves as a desirable board candidate and provides exclusive resources to search for a board seat.

Mid-Market CEOs helping each other and changing the world!

Too big to be small and too small to be big, mid-market companies often don’t have the resources to compete with larger companies. CEO Connection levels the playing field with connections, resources, and opportunities not usually accessible to individual mid-market companies. Watch our partners & members talk about how CEO Connection works for them.

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Open Letter to the CEOC Community

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A Letter to the CEOC Community: Mid-Market companies must be represented on the COVID-19 "Opening the Country Councils." They need a seat at the table. As a Mid-Market CEO, you know that Mid-Market companies are essential to global economic success. Combined, they...

Ventilator Solution

We are facing a once in a generation event that impacts everyone.  This is the time for people, companies, and organizations to come together for the greater good. Here is an update on what CEO Connection and one of our members, AES Controls based out of Cincinnati,...

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