A Letter to the CEOC Community:

Mid-Market companies must be represented on the COVID-19 “Opening the Country Councils.” They need a seat at the table.

As a Mid-Market CEO, you know that Mid-Market companies are essential to global economic success. Combined, they create over $10 trillion dollars in gross receipts and 30 million jobs.

You also know that the programs in the COVID-19 stimulus packages focus on large companies and small businesses, but do not address YOUR company needs. Currently, local, state, and federal governments are creating task forces to help plan the relaunch of the economy.

The Mid-Market must be represented! You need a seat at the table.

We are facing a once-in-a-generation event that impacts everyone. This is the time for people, companies, and organizations to come together for the greater good.

Please take a moment to help ensure that Mid-Market companies have a seat at the table by doing the following:

  • Sign the Mid-Market “Seat At The Table” Petition, by clicking here.
  • Have all of your employees, friends, and family sign the petition too.
  • Forward this email to your elected officials (local, state, and federal).

Finally, if you would like to join the CEOC Mid-Market Taskforce click here.

We will get through this together.

Speak to you soon,

Kenneth Beck
Chief Executive Officer  |  CEO Connection
Chairman  |  Wharton Club of New York
T 646.416.6991  |  F 646.292.5129