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CEO Connection is the only membership organization in the world focused on mid-market CEOs and their companies. These companies are too small to compete head-on with the Fortune 500 and too large to be as nimble as start-ups. They compete where innovation meets scale and need an ecosystem of collaborators to give them leverage.
As a member of CEOC, you become part of an engaged peer group that provides elite support, combines its purchasing power and collectively expresses the mid-market perspective to create opportunities and solve problems.
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Why You Must Take A Strategic Approach To Risk Management

How many times must we learn the same lesson before we do something different? The world is a scary scary place to do business. There are risks all over the place from unseen hackers to known competitors to weather to regulatory changes to employee theft.

Why Challengers' Strategic Planning Must Be Different From Market Leaders'

At the most recent CEO Connection Mid-Market CEO Convention, Oliver Wight’s Eric Deutsch and Dancker CEO Steve Lang led a workshop on Strategic Planning for Mid-Market Companies Battling Giants. In addition to keeping the giant’s strategy front and ce

CEO Connection Announces Mid-Market Award Winners

CEO Connection® has announced the winners of the 2017 Mid-Market Awards, recognizing mid-market leaders and companies that have demonstrated leadership, creativity, generosity and other qualities representing the true spirit of the mid-market.

CEO Connection® Announces List of 25 Top Private Equity Firms for the Mid-Market

The Top Private Equity Firms for the Mid-Market list highlights firms that invest in mid-market companies with a vision of strategic partnership, bringing them results-oriented expertise and focus on what is best for the next phase of growth.

CEO Connection® Announces 2017 Top 500/1000 Mid-Market Companies

Inaugurated in 2014, the annual Mid-Market 500/1000 Lists rank the top mid-market companies, those having annual revenues between $100 million and $3 billion.
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