Members of the CEO Connection community are top executives from mid-market companies – companies with between $100 million and $3 billion in annual revenue. Their collective business acumen and industry expertise makes the CEO Connection experience a career-changing opportunity. See who is Among our Members.

Featured Members

Paul Decker Headshot - CEO of Mathematica

Paul Decker

Paul Decker has led Mathematica Policy Research since 2007 and is currently their President and Chief Executive Officer. A nationally recognized education and labor researcher, Paul serves as chairperson of the CEO Connection Government Relations Committee.

Jostein Solheim

Jostein Solheim has served as CEO and Vice-President of Global Brand Development at Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. since 2010. Jostein is a devoted advocate for diversity, environmental conservation and social justice issues, and is currently chairperson of the CEO Connection Social Impact Committee.

Adam Warby

Adam Warby joined Avanade at its inception in 2000, and currently serves as their Chief Executive Officer. Adam led Avanade’s worldwide sales and marketing teams, and set the vision and direction for Avanade solutions. Adam is currently chairperson of CEO Connection’s European Expansion Committee.

Olu Beck

Olu is the CEO of Wholesome Sweeteners Inc., the #1 Natural & Organic, Fair Trade sweetener brand in North America. Olu is a Board Member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters Northern New Jersey and on the Advisory Board of Morristown Medical...

Member Highlight: Sharon Watkins

Sharon Watkins, CEO, RadiusPoint Sharon Watkins is the CEO of RadiusPoint a 27- year-old telecom and utility expense management firm. Sharon founded the company in 1992 and manages the sales and marketing aspects of the company. She has been instrumental in working...

Member Highlight: Scott Jackson

“Every child—whether in the United States or in less developed countries—deserves to have a fighting chance in life. You have the choice to live your life in a way that will change another person’s life for the better … and maybe transform yours own along the way.” In...

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It’s lonely at the top … Now you can be alone together. Through our community, you can connect with other CEOs who have knowledge you need, who have experienced something you’re going through, or have connections they can share with you … It may even just be someone we know you will like.


Information is power. One idea can save you millions of dollars or make you millions of dollars. What if you could harness the collective wisdom of a community of thousands of CEOs running companies like yours and experts who usually provide their expertise only to the very largest of companies? How much is that worth?


There is strength in numbers. By leveraging the combined purchasing power of the thousands of members in our community, CEO Connection membership can do certain things better collectively than you can do on your own. As such, we give you access to exclusive services that can save you money and make you money.


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. How do you find customers, new roles, board seats, innovation, talent, etc.? Opportunities come from many different sources. Often it is who you know. Someone passes a lead. Someone makes an introduction or sends something your way. We have built an infrastructure to democratize the old boy network and we make it available to you.

Among Our Members

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