CEO Connection Membership


CEO Connection is an exclusive, invitation only membership organization.

In order to become a member, you must be a CEO of a company with between $100 million and $3 billion in annual revenue.

A limited number of smaller minority owned companies or rising mid-market companies are also accepted each year.

Our members are some of the most amazingly talented people in the world.

Your Commitment

One of the principles of CEO Connection is enlightened self-interest. You have to give to get and when you help other people, you also help yourself. All CEOC members agree to help each other and must be willing to take the call from another member. There is no selling allowed.

Our Guarantee

CEO Connection is your advocate. We believe in win/win relationships and tangible results.

Our Guarantee is simple: If you do not achieve your annual CEO Connection agreed upon goals, we will extend your membership until you do.

CEO Connection Community

All mid-market CEOs approved by our membership team are members of the CEO Connection Community and are eligible to participate in CEO Connection programs and events. We believe you have earned this access by achieving this level of success in your career.

Executive Membership

As an Executive Member of CEOC you receive access to our community and infrastructure through the turnkey CEO Growth Acceleration Program (CEOC GAP) designed to proactively connect you to people, information, resources, and opportunities that will enhance your career, save you time, and make you money. We co-create a plan with you, implement it on your behalf, and guarantee your results.

Corporate Membership

A Corporate Membership enables Executive Members to offer the CEO Growth Acceleration Program to two of your direct reports. To be eligible for this program, each individual must have P&L responsibility or be a rising CEO for succession planning purposes.

Special Membership

Select CEOs of smaller businesses can become members through two special programs designed to support Rising Mid-Market CEOs and Minority Business CEOs. Special members must be sponsored by a member, partner, or government agency.

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