Member Advocate

Membership organizations are typically passive. They provide an array of benefits and services but it is up to the member to remember to find them and to use them.

CEO Connection is not a typical organization. Each Executive and Corporate Member is assigned a Member Advocate whose sole responsibility is to leverage the organization on your behalf to ensure a tangible return on your investment. Everything is designed to take a minimal amount of your time and provide maximum results.

Together with your Member Advocate, you will develop and implement a plan to best leverage your membership to achieve your professional and personal goals. Serving as your CEO Connection Concierge, your Member Advocate will facilitate introductions to peers with whom you may have something in common, executives who may help you with an issue you face, opportunities that you may find interesting and people you may want to meet all based on your needs. Your Member Advocate will ensure you are using your membership effectively and get things done for you not give you more things to do.

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