Each step of the M&A process (planning, sourcing, assessing, and structuring to post acquisition operational and cultural integration) is complicated and requires expertise and resources that are not necessarily readily available. CEOC is in a unique position to connect its members to a vetted deal flow and pre-approved unique resources that they can not get on their own. 

One of the top actionable ideas that came out of the 2019 Mid-Market Convention was for CEOC to provide a matchmaking service for companies looking to expand through partnerships and acquisitions.

As a result, CEOC is proud to announce the creation of the:


CEOC M&A Connection Network

CEO Connection is in a unique position to connect our members on both sides of the M&A equation. With a hand selected group of resources focused on creating the best transaction, CEOC is here for each step in the process.

Buying or selling a company? Use our network of world-class, fully vetted resources to create the perfect deal. We have developed a complete full-cycle acquisition process for those looking to acquire a company – from initial deal evaluation, to funding the deal, through operational and cultural integration:

  • Curated Connecting
  • Assessing
  • Structuring
  • Funding
  • Integrating

Getting started is easy. Simply schedule a call today – buyorsell@ceoconnection.com or 800.244.4719 and we can discuss your action plan and how the M&A Connection Network can assist you.