Being a CEO can be incredibly lonely — but it does not have to be. More than a decade ago, CEO Connection launched the exclusive CEO Boot Camp to spark relationships through meaningful discussions with those facing similar challenges.

If you are a CEO of a company with between $100 million and $3 billion in annual revenue, then here is why CEO Boot Camps offer you unique and invaluable experiences.

4 Reasons to Attend a CEO Boot Camp

  1. Kept small for big results

With a maximum of 12 CEOs in a room, CEO Boot Camps offer in-depth discussions with your fellow CEOs. In this intimate setting, you can comfortably share your experiences, concerns, and exchange advice. The relationships made at a CEO Boot Camp are lasting.

2. A break from the boring

This is not a selling event. Nor will you will be held hostage by tedious lecturers. CEO Boot Camps are interactive and consist of real conversations. You will also have the opportunity to join round-table discussions led by functional experts.

3. Off the record

What is said at a CEO Boot Camp, stays at a CEO Boot Camp. We ensure no
competitors are in the room. Further, all attendees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to keep the conversations candid and authentic.

4. Walk away with next steps

By the time you leave a CEO Boot Camp, you will be armed with new ideas and
actionable items. The results are tangible. This is an event centered around CEOs,
helping CEOs to scale.

In conclusion

CEO Boot Camps are invitation-only meetings reserved exclusively for CEOs of companies with between $100 million and $3 billion in revenue. Only 48 CEOs from around the world get to attend a boot camp in the U.S. each year, so seats fill up fast and far in advance. As such, it is best to book your seat now for 2019.

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