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As a CEO Connection Executive Member you receive up to three

complimentary hours of executive coaching per year.

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It’s lonely at the top…

Today’s executives face a tremendous amount of pressure to be perfect, exceptionally productive and always on-call. This program provides valuable insights, pointed business guidance, and sounding board advice for those often isolated in decision-making.

The CEO Connection Executive Coaching Program provides you with an objective, direct POV resulting in:

  • Practical and actionable solutions
  • Outcomes for the business realized through increased revenues and improved profits
  • Efficient operations and peak performance from your people, teams and organization

Program Coaches

Browse through our coaches and find the one that best suits your career needs.

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Read How Executive Coaching Has Helped Other CEOC Members


A company story on how they were able to move from a functional-based organization to a client-based organization with the guidance of the executive coaching program.


One story of how a firm’s founder overcame the challenges when faced with a new leadership role and a growing business.


Michelle Tenzyk


  • Elevates the CEO to realize peak performance
  • Dives deep into the business to gain competitive leadership advantage
  • Considers the holistic eco-system the CEO operates in for bottom-line results

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Dave Feld


  • Enables executives to see themselves through others’ eyes, greatly raising their awareness of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Coaches to attain impactful, productive leadership of strong, cohesive teams
  • Supports leaders to influence others without authority

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