CEO Connection Supply Chain
Diversity Assessment

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As a CEO Connection Member, you receive an assessment of your supply chain and a plan to improve your results.

Your supply chain needs to be forward thinking and inclusive to enhance your operational stability and your Corporate Social Responsibility results.
The CEO Connection Supply Chain Diversity Assessment Powered by The MilesWest Group:

  • Identifies the strength, weaknesses, and threats within your current program
  • Defines a high-level strategic plan based on areas of opportunities
  • Provides a methodology to capture Tier 1 and Tier 2 spending in a more comprehensive manner

Sample Supply Chain Diversity Assessment

State of Supplier Diversity

Kelly West, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, The MilesWest Group

Founded in 2019, Kelly has molded the MilesWest Group into a multi-faceted professional service consulting firm. MWG offers clients a multitude of services—from business plan identification and restructure, to brand management. Her team uses a hands-on approach to tailor services specifically to each client’s needs. Kelly has over 30 years of experience in global mobility, real estate and relocation, and has amassed a curated network of suppliers and partners.

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Supply Chain Diversity Assessment