CEO Connection Cyber Security
Penetration Assessment

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As a CEO Connection Member, you receive a complimentary,
single site cyber security penetration assessment.

Ransomware attacks impact your corporate brand reputation, customer loyalty, and ultimately, your bottomline.

The CEOC Cyber Security Penetration Assessment powered by Silver Tree Consulting:

  • Identifies cyber security vulnerabilities and ineffective controls, processes, and policies.
  • Shows how attack vectors impact your organization.
  • Provides a plan to strengthen cyber security processes and strategies.

The CEOC Cyber Security Penetration Assessment powered by Silver Tree Consulting enables you to fix vulnerabilities before they become an issue.

Richard Ricks, founded Silver Tree Consulting & Services in April 2014. He is responsible for the company’s strategic plan, consulting partners and assuring client relationships are excellent. He is a highly accomplished information technology and services executive who has led many successful transformations. As previous CIO of Nortel Networks and president of many divisions of CSC’s commercial businesses, he is recognized for his leadership in driving business, operations, and technology transformations that deliver excellent results – True Value.

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Tony Doye leads Silver Tree’s solutions and services to the Non-Profit sector. Doye’s career intersected with the executives of Silver Tree working together at Computer Sciences Corporation, Unisys and CompuCom before he began his work at Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and prior to Richard Ricks founding Silver Tree Services. The team is now back together making a difference for non-profits. Tony joined GSUSA in 2014 as its interim chief information officer and stepped into the chief operating officer position in April 2015. As COO, Tony led a team tasked with improving role clarity and accountability and that focused on the drivers of GSUSA’s business, including diversification of revenue, fund development growth, enhancement of the customer experience, and the effective execution of GSUSA’s strategic initiatives.

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Cyber Security Penetration Assessment