The CEOs who participate in CEO Connection are all truly remarkable. They are among the best-and-brightest leaders in the world.

The Mid-Market Convention convenes these leaders for two days of interactive meetings to create solutions that we can do better by combining the resources of the Mid-Market than you can do on your own.

The meetings also include:

  • Only CEOs and experts: No sponsors
  • Proactive connections: Introduced to you
  • Small interactive discussions: No death by PowerPoint
  • Tangible results: Not just talk… Action
  • Golf the day before and a Texas Hold’em tournament the last night.

There is no selling allowed.

Participation enables you to connect with other mid-market CEOs, create opportunities for you and your company, and shape mid-market perspectives, all while collaborating on ideas to help change the world.

CEO Connection is all about Mid-Market CEOs helping each other and changing the world. It is this enlightened self-interest that is the ultimate power of the CEO Connection Community.