CEO Connection Digital Transformation Assessment

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As a CEO Connection Member, you receive a customized assessment and strategies to
improve the success of your digital transformation efforts.

Thirty percent of technology projects fail.

The crucial and often missing first step in a digital transformation is conducting an objective, focused assessment of your organizational readiness across four key areas: customer experience, employee experience, business processes, and systems, products and services.

The CEO Connection Digital Transformation Assessment helps you understand gaps across these four areas and identifies mitigation strategies. The assessment provides you with:

  • Immediate suggestions for fine tuning your readiness
  • The Mid-Market Digital Transformation roadmap customized to your company
  • A specific framework to improve your transformation success

Whether digital transformation is part of your long-term strategy, an opportunistic decision or a response to current volatile market pressures, you owe it to your shareholders and stakeholders to unlock the full value and success of your technology.

Sample Digital Transformation Assessment


Tony Doye, President, Silver Tree Consulting & Services

Tony Doye leads Silver Tree’s solutions and services to the Non-Profit sector. Doye’s career intersected with the executives of Silver Tree working together at Computer Sciences Corporation, Unisys and CompuCom before he began his work at Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and prior to Richard Ricks founding Silver Tree Services. The team is now back together making a difference for non-profits.

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Fred Hencke Headshot
Fred Hencke, Senior Vice President, Segal

Fred is a transformational and innovative management, workforce and HR consultant focused on helping organizations improve business results, implement and operationalize business strategies and achieve a high performing workforce.

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Digital Transformation Assessment