CEO Connection Merger & Acquisition Message Analysis

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As a CEO Connection Member, you receive an analysis of your M&A messaging and a summary of ways to improve your outcome

Successful mergers & acquisitions harness the power of storytelling. You need to inspire the right response from your perspective buyer or target acquisition to get the best deal.

The CEO Connection Mergers & Acquisitions Message Analysis powered by Dale Carnegie:

  • Identifies the needs, goals, and interests of the target company.
  • Defines an opening, message delivery, and closing to inspire your target company
  • Provides “The Magic Formula” messaging to help close the deal

By sharpening your M&A storytelling effectiveness, you enable the buying or selling management team to understand the value of your offer.

Sample Merger & Acquisition Message Analysis


Peter E.H. Palmer, Master Trainer & Business Coach, Dale Carnegie

Peter is best known as a high-energy, seasoned Master Trainer & Business Coach with Dale Carnegie & Associates’ Digital Team, where he runs virtual training sessions for both subscription clients and customized corporate solutions.

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Merger & Acquisition Message Analysis