Peter E.H. Palmer

Peter E.H. Palmer

Master Trainer & Business Coach, Dale Carnegie

Peter is best known as a high-energy, seasoned Master Trainer & Business Coach with Dale Carnegie & Associates’ Digital Team, where he runs virtual training sessions for both subscription clients and customized corporate solutions.

For over 35 years, Peter has supported Leaders of both Fortune 500 companies and Quebec 100 clients to achieve enhanced business results in all the core Dale Carnegie curriculum areas. As part of the Global Delivery Team he has facilitated training across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. In Live Online Delivery, he has worked with our customers in all 85 countries in which we operate.
In a previous role, Peter’s coaching expertise has supported many clients in the M&A space: 1st and 2nd round public offerings on both Wall St. and Bloor St; targeted ‘pitches’ to friendly suitors; worked closely with Professional Service firms supporting their clients with every aspect of M&A presentations.

He and his spouse, Marie Claude, live in Montreal, Canada. They are grandparents to 6 wonderful children and two step-dogs, Zach & Sam.

He has been recognized by several non-profit and community organizations for his long-term to commitment to their goals. He is an avid Golfer, enthusiastic endurance cyclist, x-country skier and nature lover.