When you are ready to sell your business – do it the right way:

  • Buyers who will understand your people and business
  • Resources designed to support your needs
  • Secure the ideal valuation and price for your company

We have developed a complete full-cycle process for those looking to sell their company – from initial deal evaluation through final close.

Curated Connecting

With a community of more than 17,000 mid-market business within CEO Connection, we are constantly having conversations with CEOs looking to buy businesses. We understand the importance of both the tangible and intangible aspects that businesses value and match you with the best buyers possible. Including:

  • Acquisition Strategic Planning

Your company is unique, and its value is as well. Our Assessment Resource Partners have in-depth experience in all phases of the assessment preparation process. Included in Assessing are the following areas:

  • Inter-company Due Diligence
  • Tangible Asset Evaluation
  • Intangible Asset Evaluation
  • Valuation Modeling

Every transaction requires deal structuring that incorporates an understanding of the operational and functional side of both the acquiring company and that of the business being purchased. Our Structuring experts will incorporate years of applicable experience into the composition of your transaction. Included areas are:

  • Organizational Analysis – Seller
  • Acquisition Execution – Legal
  • Tax planning

There is more than financial capital involved in an acquisition. Human capital, the people that built and operated your business, are a critical consideration when selling. Our Integration Team ensures each transaction is managed with respect and humanity during and post close. This section includes:

  • Outplacement Planning
  • Internal Communications Planning
  • Internal Communications Rollout
  • External PR and Communications Plan
  • External PR and Communications Rollout


Interested in selling your business? Simply schedule a contact us today (email/phone) and we can discuss your action plan and how the M&A Connection Network can assist you.

If you are interested in selling your business or acquiring other businesses, call 800.244.4719 or email buyorsell@ceoconnection.com