Boot Camp Sample Agenda


CEO Boot Camps offer unique opportunities to think, learn and talk with experts and peers. The goal is to walk out with a group of business friends — people who are going through what you are experiencing with whom you can test ideas, share concerns and exchange advice. They are completely interactive; there are no lectures.

Each CEO Boot Camp is limited to 12 CEOs to ensure quality and intimacy in discussions. In order to attend participants must meet strict eligibility criteria; be able to both derive benefits from relationships with their peers and to provide expertise in return; and sign a non-disclosure agreement. No competitors are allowed in the room.

Participant Takeaways

  • Improve own capabilities, learning about common challenges and pitfalls, leadership, people, innovation and communication issues and frameworks for addressing these.
  • Spark relationships through discussions with peers and experts facing similar challenges.
  • Develop specific, applicable actions as this is about CEOs helping CEOs to scale.
7:30 am Informal Conversations over breakfast 
8:30 am

Transformational leadership framework to set the stage for the day’s discussions

This section sets the stage for the day, going through the components of BRAVE leadership (Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, and Environment) as a way to prompt conversations about leadership, people, innovation and communication. Like all the modules, this is facilitated, interactive, discussions and conversations. The CEOs learn far more from each other than from any outside presenter. 

10:00 am Informal Conversations over coffee 
10:30 am

PEOPLE Discussion about leading people – including your board

Apply the BRAVE framework to people leadership, touching on topics like future capability planning, building a competitive advantage in acquiring, developing or encouraging people, connecting with your people to engender compliance, contribution or commitment as appropriate, managing the board and people transitions. 

12:00 pm Informal Conversations over lunch 
1:00 pm

Discussion about setting the stage for innovation

Apply the BRAVE framework to innovation, touching on topics like evolutionary versus revolutionary innovation, your innovation focus across products, processes, services, technologies and business models, what it takes to “unleash the talents and passions of the many from the stranglehold of the few” and how to manage innovation through the system creating, iterating, assessing, implementing and scaling. 

2:00 pm Informal Conversations over snacks
2:30 pm

Discussion about taking charge of your master narrative

Apply the BRAVE framework to communication, touching on topics like identifying all your most important target audiences, understanding what matters to them and why, your message and master narrative, the ethos, pathos, logos framework for communication planning and implementing your communication plan over time. 

3:30 pm

Discussion of key takeaways and personal action steps

We save the best speakers for last, asking each CEO to stand up and tell the others what they are going to do differently tomorrow given what they have heard. This allows them to share each others’ ideas and end with an action plan for each member. 

4:00 pm NEXT STEPS
How to maintain your relationships and leverage your CEO Boot Camp experience
4:15 pm Close