In the fast-paced, rapidly evolving world of the mid-market, turnover happens– even at the board level. Growth means change, and agility means staying on your feet as your company faces the unexpected and current board members say goodbye.  

If you’re a director or company leader and you need board members to occupy your seats—due to growth, mergers, departures, or anything else—CEO Connection can help. We maintain ties with a vast network of elite business professionals and industry experts. If you need a certain set of qualifications and/or an explicit alignment of values and goals, we can connect you to a seasoned leader with strong interest in the role.

Pay No Recruitment Fee

This is one of the core benefits of CEO Connection membership. You won’t pay a recruitment fee to connect with a network of experienced CEOs who have the skills, time, and knowledge you need. Just contact us, explain what you’re looking for, and we’ll connect you.

CEOs In Search of Board Seats

Meanwhile, CEO Connection members who are actively searching for board seats are invited to participate in our exclusive, interactive How to Get on a Board Workshops in San Francisco (June 26th) and Miami (December 4th).  Engage in small group sessions with up to eleven other CEOs and learn how to best position yourself to join a board and thrive in the role. You will leave each session with a personalized plan to identify your goals, pursue open opportunities, and step into your next board position.

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