When employees are faced with a serious health challenge, experts from CEO Connection Healthcare Management Program powered by PinnacleCare help them confidently navigate the complexity of the healthcare system and obtain the world’s most advanced care.

Your employee is facing a significant health challenge. Get them better, faster access to care.

Knowing where to go for healthcare, how to get in fast, and understanding all treatment options can reduce costs and save lives.
This unique service was developed exclusively for CEO Connection Members.

Value proposition highlights:

  • An attractive recruiting and talent retention benefit
  • Flexible coverage options (i.e., executive benefit)
  • Improved employee health and productivity
  • Reduced medical claims, particularly for high cost services
  • Free, no-obligation registration and variable cost: you only pay for what you use

Personal Health Advisors:

Employees are guided through the complexities of the healthcare system. From gathering medical records to scheduling appointments, advisors help employees make informed decisions that lead to better health outcomes

  • Medical records management
  • Customized report identifying top local, regional or national specialists
  • Physician referral reports
  • Treatment research and decision support

PinnacleCare is here for you.

Learn more about PinnacleCare and how we help you along your healthcare journey. Whether it's second opinions, a change in treatment plan, or a new surgery PinnacleCare is here to make sure you have the best healthcare experience and outcomes.

Access to top providers:

We work with top-ranked medical centers and specialists across the country.

  • Facilitated appointments with top specialists and Centers-of-Excellence
  • Expert medical opinions with review and confirmation of diagnosis
  • Virtual consultations

Registration is easy and free. You only pay when services are used.

Employee Advantages:

  • Expert medical opinions with review and confirmation of diagnosis
  • Research and treatment options
  • Customized report identifying top local, regional, or national specialists
  • Virtual consultation for second opinion, or facilitated appointments with top specialists and Centers-of-Excellence
  • Organizing key medical records

CEOC Healthcare Management powered by PinnacleCare delivers extraordinary results:

  • 3:1 ROI on claims
  • 99% member satisfaction
  • 96% treatment adherence rate
  • 77% of cases result in change in diagnosis, treatment path, and/or treating physician
  • .

“I wholeheartedly stand behind the recommendation to offer this service to CEO Connection Member Companies … Done right, the ROI will be significant both in reducing claims expenses, and increasing peace of mind for employees and their dependents.”

— Doug Robinson, Chair, CEO Connection Healthcare Committee



“We spoke to a number of different vendors but ultimately what distinguished this program for us was their combination of clinical focus and the more concierge support for individuals … it provided the most ‘high-touch’ service.”

— Steve First, Vice President of Global Benefits, Pfizer