Derek Peterson

Derek Peterson

CEO, Soter Technologies

As CEO of Ronkonkoma-based Soter Technologies, Derek Peterson is an engineer and entrepreneur. As a teen Derek was fascinated with computers and technology and has been developing software since high school. Today, he is a high energy business leader and focused problem solver who leverages his knowledge and technological expertise to address complex social, business and community safety challenges.

Always seeking to be better and learn, Derek sees problems as puzzles. He believes that no puzzle is impossible to solve; all he needs is the time to figure them out.

A former bullying victim as a high school student Derek is dedicated to creating technology to address this problem in school. As CEO of Soter Technologies, he Peterson leads a rapidly growing team of technology experts, software engineers and inventors who are devoted to the practical application of technology to improve and save lives. The “Soter” name is inspired by the ancient Greek god of safety, deliverance and preservation from harm. Using advanced sensor and software technology, the company develops and delivers innovative solutions for environmental intelligence – to make the world a safer place. In the education space, Soter’s Digital Fly product line includes a suite of innovative tools for bullying detection and prevention. These products and services are making an impact in schools across the nation and have been credited with saving the lives of students who were contemplating suicide.

Derek’s software and innovations have received awards as well as national media attention. Soter’s Fly Sense vaping detection and anti-bullying sensor is attracting national attention and was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, Fox 5 New York and many other media outlets across the United States and abroad. Derek is regularly interviewed by the media about entrepreneurship, technology and how it is being used to reduce and prevent bullying and cyber bullying at schools and in communities.

He has a proven track record in the high tech and software sector and has held senior and key roles at IPS, Symbol Technologies ($1.6B NYSE company), and Neohapsis (bought by Cisco). In 2003, he co-founded CBD, Inc. to apply his experience to assist emerging technologies in libraries and public schools.

Today, Derek is consider a national thought leader and expert in regard to the Internet of Things (IOT) and currently writes for TechTarget / IOT Agenda. He regularly speaks at colleges, universities and conferences across the United States on technology subjects.

Derek has expertise working in many industries, including the accounting profession where he developed some of the country’s first tax software and the public sector where he developed the first Public Computer Management system, monitoring user access, authentication and security in libraries and universities. His solutions have been deployed on over 100,000 desktops worldwide.

Early in his career, Derek led the development and delivery of key security products for the gambling and airline industries. He also created the Engineering Test and Validation department at Symbol Technologies (Motorola/Zebra). Through the creation of T & V, he re-engineered the process on how products were developed at Symbol Technologies.

When Derek is away from developing new technologies, software products and solutions for Soter Technologies, he enjoys spending time with his family, training for Ironman Triathlons and using his high tech skills and knowledge to customize his high performance automobiles.  Giving back to his community and supporting young people is important to Derek. He is involved in several community groups and is the Treasure for the Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch located in Riverhead, New York. This not-for-profit includes residential programs that provide a safe haven for at-risk young people and help them restore their lives through a holistic approach that focuses on mind, body and soul.

Derek earned a BS in Computer Science and Applied Math from Stony Brook University in New York in 1988. A lifelong resident of Long Island, he is committed to being a mentor and advisor for students. He is a sponsor of and has judged Stony Brook University’s “Wolfie Tank” competition. A spin off from the popular NBC reality TV series “Shark Tank,” Stony Brook University’s “Wolfie Tank” caters towards aspiring student entrepreneurs from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences who have developed innovative technologies and inventions and make business presentations to a panel of esteemed judges.