M&A Connection Network

Ready to expand your business through innovation and acquisition?

Use our network of world-class, fully vetted resources to create the perfect deal. We have developed a complete full-cycle acquisition process for those looking to acquire a company – from initial deal evaluation through operational and cultural integration:

Curated Connecting

With a community of more than 17,000 mid-market businesses within CEO Connection, we are constantly having conversations with CEOs looking to sell their business. We maintain an active pipeline of deals with members who are in the market today or considering it for the future. This includes:

  • Acquisition Strategic Planning
  • Acquisition Pipeline Development
  • Acquisition Pipeline Execution

Each company is unique and requires thorough evaluation in the areas of due diligence, asset evaluation and operational modeling. Our Assessment Resource Partners have in-depth experience in all phases of the acquisition preparation process. Including:

  • Inter-company Due Diligence
  • Intra-company Due Diligence
  • Tangible Asset Evaluation
  • Intangible Asset Evaluation
  • Valuation Modeling
  • Financial Planning

Every transaction requires deal structuring that incorporates an understanding of the operational and functional side of both the acquiring company and that of the business being purchased. Our Structuring Experts will incorporate years of applicable experience into the composition of your transaction. Specifically:

  • Funding/Capital Planning
  • Acquisition Execution – Legal
  • Tax planning
  • Organizational Analysis – Buyer
  • Organizational Analysis – Seller
  • Organizational Development Integration Planning

Once the deal structure is in place, our Funding Resource team goes to work ensuring the optimal access to the capital that you will need to close the transaction. We will only create options that make sense with your current business operation. Including:

  • Venture Capital Services
  • Private Equity Services
  • Investment Banking Services

The new business doesn’t end at the close of the financing, it begins there. Once the financial paperwork is completed, our Integration Resources group ensures that all areas of operational, cultural and internal/external execution have been properly defined and communicated in an empowering and actionable way. Areas included in integration process:

  • Internal Communications Planning
  • Internal Communications Rollout
  • External PR and Communications Plan
  • External PR and Communications Rollout
  • Integration Plan Rollout
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Reporting
  • Annual Budget Planning


Getting started is easy. Simply schedule a call today (email/phone) and we can discuss your action plan and how the M&A Connection Network can assist you. 

If you are interested in selling your business or acquiring other businesses, call 800.244.4719 or email buyorsell@ceoconnection.com.