Triple Tax-Free Healthcare Savings Program powered by TILT

Healthcare Savings Program for CEO Connection Executive Members


As a CEO Connection Executive member, you can receive a triple tax-free savings account and a proprietary healthcare transparency tool to save on medical expenses.


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You are CEO of your company and you are CEO of your own career. The amount of your time your company requires by necessity distracts you from the equally important investment in yourself and your future.

You would never run your company without a strategy and plan or a team of people to get things done. Your health and private wealth requires the same diligent approach.

A CEOC triple tax-free healthcare savings program powered by TILT enables you to:

  • Contribute pre-tax dollars to save today
  • Invest and grow those pre-tax dollars tax-free over your lifetime
  • Withdraw tax-free to cover your qualified medical expenses at any point in your life
  • Compare costs for medical services in your area across multiple providers via a proprietary healthcare transparency tool

Jamie Greenleaf, Founder / Managing Director at TILT

Jamie is known for her extensive and unparalleled knowledge, expertise and passion for the industry. She has a keen ability to guide, support and educate plan trustees, plan sponsors and plan participants alike.


Manage your health for the greatest outcome!

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