An Innovative Approach to Retaining Talent

Developed exclusively for CEO Connection members. Companies are constantly seeking ways to both attract and retain employees. At the same time, healthcare is an incredibly pressing issue for companies in regards to cost, quality, and access. To address these concerns, CEO Connection is now offering a Healthcare Management Program.

CEO Connection Healthcare Advisory Services powered by PinnacleCare. From gathering medical records to scheduling appointments, PinnacleCare advisors help member companies’ employees make informed decisions that lead to better health outcomes. Knowing where to go for healthcare, how to get in fast, and understanding all treatment options reduces costs and save lives.  

CEO Connection On-Demand Health Insurance powered by Bind. Bind is the nation’s first-ever on-demand health insurance model, and will provide CEO Connection member companies a solution to making healthcare more affordable. The Bind plan allows consumers to modify their health insurance coverage throughout the year based on their needs. Coverage is provided from the first dollar spent, and members can add coverage at any time throughout the year. Bind partners with employers to offer health insurance that is better, faster, and cheaper.

Healthcare Management

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When employees are faced with a serious health challenge, experts from CEO Connection Healthcare Management Program powered by PinnacleCare help them confidently navigate the complexity of the healthcare system and obtain the world’s most advanced care.

Health Insurance on-Demand

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Members looking for innovative ways to lower healthcare costs are invited to offer Bind on-demand health insurance to make healthcare more affordable for everyone—without compromising coverage or quality.