Complimentary Services

All mid-market CEOs approved by our membership team are members of the CEO Connection Community and are eligible to participate in select CEO Connection programs and events. We believe they have earned such access by achieving this level of success in their careers. Below is more information on some of our complimentary services.


Idea Exchange

The CEO Connection® Idea Exchange allows you to directly reach the entire CEO Connection Community … over 17,000 mid-market CEOs and their companies.

Get ideas, useful information, and explore opportunities; help CEOs find answers.

The Idea Exchange can be viewed on the CEO official Linkedin Group or on the secure Member Website.

Nominate a CEO

Honor your peers for inclusion in the network of mid-market CEOs who comprise the CEO Connection community. As a member, they will benefit from the opportunities to partner, engage, promote and transform their organizations. You can nominate your friends, customers, and/or vendors—anyone who meets our criteria. This is a meaningful way to deepen your relationships and provide real value to those who provide real value to you. The nomination process is the key to CEO Connection’s success and continued growth. Only members of CEO Connection and our Strategic Partners may nominate candidates to join, ensuring a diverse, yet like-minded membership of CEOs interested in networking and growing as leaders.

If you are a member, please send your nomination to nominate@ceoconnection.comPlease include your nominee’s name, company and email.


World Class Experts

CEO Connection provides best-in-class companies the ability to interact directly with CEOs. Partners have the privilege of building relationships with our members and maintaining ongoing contact with the entire CEO community. The number of Partners is limited to ensure a high-quality experience for our members, by offering exclusive value to CEO Connection members. Only a small number of companies can become Sponsors, and even fewer Strategic Partners.

Special Discount Offers

The Member-to-Member Discount Program provides you discounts on products and services from top-tier companies unique to CEO Connection members.

Any CEO member can take advantage of these special discount offers. However, you must be an executive or corporate member to offer a discount and generate new business with mid-market companies. Email us about upgrading your membership.