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The moment you join CEO Connection, you are part of the most exclusive organization of CEOs in the world. You also have access to an amazingly broad and deep talent pool. You can engage in lively discussions with your peers on key leadership issues, exchange ideas on your top business challenges, gain opportunities to maintain relationships with fellow members and meet with legendary leaders. Members of CEO Connection have access to the following in-person events for ongoing peer-to-peer interaction:

CEO Forums
Engage in lively discussions with your peers on key leadership issues. Modeled after the CEO Boot Camps, these half-day, closed-door sessions open with a brief presentation by a functional expert who facilitates a dynamic conversation amongst members.  Forums take place the day before each CEO Boot Camp and are followed by a CEO Dinner.

CEO Dinners
CEO Connection members are invited throughout the year to mingle with each other to make new connections or reconnect as appropriate.  These events provide ongoing opportunities to develop and maintain relationships with fellow members and talk of the record with peers in an informal, interactive environment.

CEO Boot Camps
Intimate meetings that connect the best and the brightest Mid-Market CEOs and leaders designed to facilitate peer relationships and provide access to people, information and resources that help CEOs make better decisions.  CEO Boot Camp participants represent a wide variety of industries across a broad geographic spectrum. Each CEO Boot Camp is limited to 12 CEOs to ensure quality and intimacy in discussions. 

CEO Lunches
Small groups of CEOs are invited each month for lunch in an informal setting. Hosted by Kenneth Beck at the Penn Club, these lunches provide an opportunity to talk off the record at one of the most prestigious private clubs in New York.

Special Events
CEO Connection periodically offers access to special events and activities for a limited number of members. These include private receptions with top CEOs in an intimate setting.

Please check the calendar for upcoming events.