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Lew Platt, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, once famously said: "If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times as profitable!" Information is power is an old adage, but still an accurate one. CEO Connection members have access to the collective wisdom of some of top CEOs in the world.

CEO Idea Exchange - Reach thousands of CEOs
Use the "CEO Idea Exchange" to post questions to your peers. Are you looking for more information on a company? How about an introduction?  Looking for capital, advice on buying a business, or an investment opportunity? This is the place to post it and we will forward it directly to thousands of CEOs in the CEO Connection community. 

You can post your message yourself and have the responses come directly to you or we can post it for you and screen the responses whatever works for you and your situation.  Click here to send us your posting.

LinkedIn Group
Use the official CEO Connection LinkedIn group for more in-depth discussions with your peers. Whether you have a LinkedIn profile or have been thinking about creating one, as a member of CEO Connection you should become part of the official CEO Connection LinkedIn group.

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