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The mission of CEO Connection is to help mid-market CEOs and their companies succeed. We accomplish this by connecting them to each other; connecting them to people, information and resources to which they would otherwise not have access; and promoting the interests, welfare, and points of view of our membership and the mid-market.

About CEO Connection
CEO Connection is the ONLY membership organization in the world reserved exclusively for mid-market CEOs and companies – companies with between $100 million and $3 billion in annual revenue. Through private in-person events, specialized online and offline communications, and personal, individualized attention, we connect thousands of mid-market CEOs to the people, information and resources that can make them more successful.

Members are C-level executives with responsibility for all or significant portions of their respective company. They represent a wide variety of businesses across a broad geographic spectrum. Collectively mid-market companies account for $10 trillion of the $30 trillion annual U.S. private sector gross receipts.

Inspired by C-level Wharton executives, CEO Connection began in 2005 and has evolved into a dynamic community with wide ranging benefits uniquely designed to help the mid-market CEO and champion the mid-market perspective. It is all about CEOs helping CEOs.

Our History
CEO Connection was founded by Kenneth Beck and George Bradt in 2005 as a way to facilitate peer-to-peer interactions among mid-market CEOs.

With significant experience running their own companies, both men understood the challenges that came with the job and valued the advice they received from their counterparts. As they looked for ways to connect with their peers, they quickly found that they were not alone. Fellow C-level Wharton alumni also recognized the value of a strong professional network and peer-to-peer interaction. This need to connect was most pronounced among leaders in large organizations.

With CEO turnover rates reaching unprecedented levels, Beck and Bradt decided to take action. In early 2005, they launched the first CEO Boot Camp with a group of 12 CEOs. The day-long program, with its stimulating discussions and debates, was an instant success. It created many long-term relationships and laid the groundwork for a full-service, exclusive membership organization.

Today, CEO Connection is a dynamic network of top mid-market corporate leaders with a rapidly-growing member base. It offers a wide range of in-person events and online services developed specifically from the suggestions of members, and is continually expanding its offering. Yet its mission remains the same—to help mid-market CEOs succeed by building new connections and enhancing existing bonds.

We encourage you to explore the CEO Connection website to learn more about the benefits of joining this elite group. If you represent an organization that is looking to partner with CEO Connection, please see our partnership opportunities. You can also read about CEO Connection in the media.

Everything we do is based on three principles:

  1. Enlightened self interest: you have to give to get, but when you help someone else you wind up helping yourself too.
  2. Tangible results- networking and events are a means to an end, not an end unto themselves. You should be able to  find anything you need through the community;  the events are just one channel of distribution.
  3. Small interactive events are more valuable and effective than large passive events; we rather you be in a room with five CEOs getting to know each other than 500 CEOs listening to a speaker.
Then it is all wrapped together by the concept of Mid-Market CEOs helping Mid-Market CEOs.